• Did you know that Your body needs at different stages of your life changes?The formation of a child’s bones and teeth begins with pregnancy so mothers must take their daily requirements from calcium from food and supplements.

    Women are more susceptible to suffer from osteoporosis than men, that’s because

    1- It is normal for men to have more bone density than women

    2- Estrogen deficiency affects bone strength.

    ✅ Pregnancy


    ✅ some medicines

    So taking One tablet a day of Tulangocal provides your body with Calcium, Vitamin D3, Magnesium and Selenium to support bone health and overcome osteoporosis.


    • The most abundant mineral in the body.
    • Important for healthy bones and teeth.
    • Plays a role in muscle movement and has a cardiovascular benefits.


    • Regulates muscle and nerve function.
    • An important component of energy production.

    Vitamin D3

    • Regulates calcium absorption.
    • Important for building and maintaining strong bones.


    • low bone density
    • During pregnancy and lactation
    • Osteoporosis
    • hypocalcemia
    • To support nerves and muscles health

    The package contains 30 tablets

    Process: One to two tablets daily

    Price: 59 L.E.

59,00 EGP

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Decrease appetite and boost metabolism


Increase energy & Help your body use up stored energy


Decrease emotional eating


Improve body shape and firmness


Block blood sugar conversion to body fat


Improve blood sugar level stability


           Boost serotonin levels

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