Tulango-vit syrup

Weak body? Picky eater? Want to improve his quality of life?

For all kids who need to improve their quality of life, support their immunity, their normal growth and their cognitive function..

TULANGO-VIT Syrup with royal jelly and multivitamins such as (vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin A, folic acid and biotin).


1-supports  immune system and increase body resistance against infection.

2- strengthens  bodies and improves activities

3-improves appetite.

4-increases mental health and cognitive function.

All in one package with a delicious orange flavor and concentration equivalent to the daily requirements of vitamins.

safe from 3 years

Dose :

  1. From 5-12 years/  one teaspoon 5ml/day.
  2. For teenagers and adults 1 teaspoon twice daily.

The best time to take the dose is after breakfast.

Avoid taking the dose at night because Tulango-Vit provides energy for the body and may cause insomnia.

Pack: bottle of 120 ml

75,00 EGP

Need Help ?

Decrease appetite and boost metabolism


Increase energy & Help your body use up stored energy


Decrease emotional eating


Improve body shape and firmness


Block blood sugar conversion to body fat


Improve blood sugar level stability


           Boost serotonin levels

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  1. Somaya Abouzaid

    Excellent product

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