1- What is Taolana  and what are the indications for its use:

Taolana  tablets contain vitamin D3 10,000 IU, which in turn regulates calcium absorption as well as calcium incorporation into bone tissue. It is also used to prevent and treat vitamin D3 deficiency in adults and adolescents. Your doctor may prescribe Taolana as an adjunct to bone-strengthening medications.

2- The most important functions of Taolana (Vitamin D) and its benefits:

Vitamin D acts as a primary source for a large number of vital hormones in the body, because its chemical composition is exposed to a number of reactions within the body that result in the formation of these hormones, such as male hormones and mood hormones such as serotonin.
Vitamin D3 helps absorb calcium from food and deliver it to the blood. Then, vitamin K2 helps absorb this amount of blood and transfer it to the bones. When vitamin D is deficient, calcium absorption is about 20 times less.
Vitamin D is a powerful helper in stabilizing mood, reducing depression and mood swings.
Vitamin D 10000 enhances the body’s immunity and increases its ability to fight viral diseases.
Vitamin D may help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency:

Constant feeling of tiredness and stress, even with no strenuous effort.
Entering into depressive states and feeling unjustified sadness, not related to real events.
Tooth loss or tooth and jaw pain; As a result of calcium deficiency.
Sudden and profuse hair loss, such as the loss of entire strands without the presence of a skin disease or psychological cause.
Feeling of bone pain and frequent exposure to fractures, which predicts the existence of osteoporosis as a result of the lack of calcium absorption resulting from vitamin D deficiency.
Bow legs and osteomalacia in children.


The dose of Taolana 10000 for adults is a tablet daily in cases of moderate deficiency, in which the level of vitamin D is between 10 to 20 nanogram, and the doctor may recommend increasing the dose to a tablet of 10000 IU daily in cases of severe vitamin D deficiency, in which the concentration of Vitamin D is less than ten nanogram, so that the weekly dose of vitamin D consumed is not less than five tablets per week in cases of severe deficiency, and about two to three tablets in cases of moderate deficiency.

The following points are among the most important factors that are taken into consideration when determining the dosage by the doctor or age.

  1. Health status, especially liver and kidney disease.
  2. Gender and ancestry, for example, Africans and people with dark skin have different needs for vitamin D than those with white skin.
  3. The climatic nature of the place of residence, because it determines the amounts of sunlight that a person is exposed to.
  4. The person’s lifestyle and nutrition.

Pregnancy and lactation:

Please consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking this drug.

Packing: 2 strips every strip containing 10 tablets of Vitamin D3 10,000 IU

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