Dawazinafrin (Capsules)

Lactoferrin, Zinc, Vitamin D

Dawazinafrin is the ideal solution for stronger immunity and better protection from viruses.

■With Dawazinafrin, protect yourself and your family

■Dawazinafrin contains lactoferrin, zinc and vitamin D3

Dawazinafrin stay safe from:

  1. Viral infection.
  2. Anemia (Dawazinafrin raises hemoglobin 1.5-1.8 dL. within one month)
  3. Bacterial infection.

■Activate the immune system with Dawazinafrin

■Dawazinafrin has no side effects

■The package contains 30 hard gelatinous capsules.

165,00 EGP

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Decrease appetite and boost metabolism


Increase energy & Help your body use up stored energy


Decrease emotional eating


Improve body shape and firmness


Block blood sugar conversion to body fat


Improve blood sugar level stability


           Boost serotonin levels

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  1. Mohamed Alaa Eldien

    Good range of products with affordable prices and optimum quality

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