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Praxo Pharm Objectives

Praxo Pharm

Better Health

A better life for you and all your family members

Balanced Nutrition

Through essential vitamins and minerals

Stronger Immunity

A healthy life free of problems and diseases

A healthy life for you and your family

Everything your body needs is essential vitamins and minerals for better performance, strength, and energy

Define your health goals precisely

Contact Praxo Pharm to examine your health situation and discuss plans to achieve a healthy lifestyle that suits your goals

Customized diet

Praxo Pharm will help you achieve your health goals by determining a suitable diet tailored to your personal needs.

Achieve your goals effectively

We help you achieve the results you seek in your healthy and effective weight loss journey.

Healthy nutrition tips

To benefit from Praxo Pharm’s specialized advice on creating a healthy diet, contact us to achieve comprehensive balance.

The first comprehensive weight loss product in Egypt (Tulango Slim)

Tulango Slim is the first comprehensive product for slimming and weight management in Egypt using four natural ingredients

        (Chromium Picolinate)   804.4mcg

  1. It reduces appetite
  2. It improves the burning of carbohydrates
  3. Helps in treating insulin resistance

        (Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract) 200mg

  1. It reduces appetite

        (Green Coffee Bean Extract) 200mg

  1. It helps in raising fat burning levels
  2. Rich in antioxidants
  3. Helps in treating insulin resistance

        (Green Tea Leaves Extract) 100mg

  1. It helps in raising fat burning levels
  2. Rich in antioxidants


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